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March 30th, 2021

What Are The Best Flowers For Handmade Bouquets Bolton,Horwich To Gift Someone?

Single flowers to handmade bouquets Bolton, Horwich, fresh flowers make the perfect gift for any occasion. From congratulating on welcoming a baby in the family to showing sympathy for losing someone forever, flowers are always the right choice to express your words.

Whether you think of gifting forever roses Bolton, Horwich,to someone close to your heart or flower bears to a little bundle of joy – it would convey your emotions in a lot better way than just words.

Meaning & Symbolisms of Flowers

Almost every flower has some historical view as well as certain symbolisms that sends a message to the recipient. While most of the flower’s meanings have been derived from several sources, including the Bible, the symbolisation has grown over the centuries. Once you know the meaning and imagery of the flowers, it’ll be easier for you to choose the right flowers to make the handmade bouquets for special occasions.

Flower Choice As Per Specific Occasion

Though you may be unsure of choosing the right colour or the type of flower for any specific event, a florist Bolton might be the definite help for you. For now, we have come up with some specific flower gift ideas following the occasion. It might help you make perfect handmade bouquets Bolton to impress the special one on a special day. Here we go –

  • Wedding Flowers

Regardless of the theme, location or intensity of the wedding ceremony, flower arrangements and bouquets are an inseparable part of it. Though the choice of flowers or colours may change following the latest trending wedding themes, flowers like red roses (symbolises love, passion, romance, and desire) and peonies (symbolises a happy marriage, good fortune, honour, wealth, and prosperity) are the eternal choices for wedding flower arrangement and handmade bouquets.

You can pick some other flowers to personalise the entire arrangement and the message through it on your wedding day. Here we have some more wedding flower favourites with their significance –

  • Amaryllis: beauty, love and determination
  • Calla Lilies: purity, holiness, faithfulness, regal and elegant
  • Gardenias: joy, purity, gentleness and secret love between two people
  • Hydrangeas: love, harmony, peace, gratitude, grace and beauty
  • Valentine’s Day Flowers

Roses are the traditional flowers to convey love and also celebrate it. While forever roses Bolton, Horwich, are among the favourites to express the wonderful feeling on Valentine’s Day, you can also gift flower bears made with light and dark red carnations. There are some other flowers as well that beautifully express your emotions.

  • Red Roses: love, passion, romance, lust and desire
  • White Roses: purity, innocence, youthfulness, new beginning and everlasting love
  • Yellow Roses: friendship and care
  • Coral Roses: enthusiasm, temperate desire and enthusiasm
  • Pink Roses: gratitude, grace, joy and appreciation
  • Primrose: new love, new beginnings, youth and everlasting existence
  • Purple Orchids: delicate, exotic, luxurious, and strength
  • Pink Tulip: adore, care and affection
  • Carnation: love, affection (dark red) and admiration (light red)
  • Red Chrysanthemums: love and deep passion
  • Birthday Blooms

Thoughtful handmade bouquets Bolton, Horwich, can make the perfect birthday gift for anyone. While the yellow roses are the most popular flowers to celebrate friendship and bonding, birthday bouquets can be made based on the recipient’s favourite blossoms. You can also consider your relationship with the person to pick the right floral gift. Here are a few flower ideas that you can include in a birthday bouquet or flower bears Bolton –

  • Pink Carnations: gratitude
  • Red Chrysanthemums: love and deep passion
  • Forget-me-nots: love, fidelity, and remembrance
  • Geraniums: comfort, good health, true friendship, and positive emotions
  • Jasmine: love, beauty, sensuality, grace and elegance
  • Mother’s Day

While carnation is the official colour of Mother’s day, choosing the favourite blooms of your mother might be the best and easiest choice of flowers for Mother’s Day. But you can think of handmade bouquets Bolton made up of lilies or tulips also. Here are some flower choices for the loveliest Mom.

  • Gerbera Daisies: purity, beauty, energy and rejuvenation
  • Lilacs: purity, innocence (white), spirituality (violet), happiness and tranquility (Blue)
  • Daylilies: filial devotion and motherly sacrifice
  • Lily-of-the-Valley: pure love, chastity, sweetness, and motherhood
  • Dwarf Sunflower: adoration, gratitude, good luck
  • Red Tulips: declaration of true love
  • Yellow Tulips: hope, cheerful thoughts, and eternal friendship
  • Carnation: love, affection (dark red), admiration (light red), gratitude (pink), purity and luck (white)
  • Father’s Day

While the rose is the official flower of Father’s Day, you can give your father his favourite blooms to show your love, care and respect for him. You can also consider handmade bouquets to combine some of the most exclusive varieties of flowers to surprise your childhood hero on this special day. Here’s a quick guide for you.

  • Purple Orchids: dignity, royalty, admiration, and respect
  • Gerberas: joy, pleasure, energy, and rejuvenation
  • Pink Asiatic Lilies: prosperity, abundance, purity, and humility
  • Yellow Roses: friendship, joy, and caring
  • Red Roses: eternal love, fatherhood
  • Pink Roses: grace, gentleness, joy (light pink), gratitude, appreciation, recognition (hot pink)
  • Christmas and Winter Holiday Flowers

If you’re hosting a Christmas party or want to give handmade bouquets at any winter party, fresh flowers, as well as terrariums Bolton with dwarf plants, can be good picks. Here are some additional meaningful ideas for Christmas and winter flower gifts –

  • Red Poinsettia: purity and peace
  • Christmas Roses: symbolic of Jesus and Mary, it represents purity
  • Holly: fertility and eternal life
  • Winter Jasmine: gift from God, purity, and modesty
  • Narcissus: rebirth, renewal, good luck, happiness, prosperity, and wealth
  • Sympathy and Funeral Flowers

Floral funeral arrangements can be done in several ways, including standing sprays, funeral baskets, wreaths, crosses, and hearts. But you need to choose the flowers delicately to convey your sympathy, grief and emotions for the deceased. Here’s the best funeral flower choices for you –

  • White Lilies: restored innocence to the deceased, purity and sympathy
  • Gladioli: strength, integrity, and remembrance
  • Light Red Carnations: admiration
  • Pink Carnations: remembrance and gratitude
  • Chrysanthemums: honoring life, loyalty
  • White Roses: spirituality, purity, and innocence
  • Red Roses: respect, love, and grief
  • Crimson Roses: sadness, mourning, and death
  • White or Pink Orchids: sympathy, eternal love
  • Special Occasion Flowers

Flowers are the most vivid and vibrant way to celebrate any special event, like graduation, new job, promotion, starting of a new relationship, wedding anniversary, etc. The forever roses Bolton, Horwich, are the eternal choice to make any day special, while you can consider handmade bouquets with fresh flower choices for their specific symbology. Here’s another quick guide for you –

  • Camellia: love, affection, and admiration
  • Daffodils: rebirth, new beginning, truth, and forgiveness
  • Daisies: innocence, purity and playfulness
  • Dahlias: elegance, inner strength, change, creativity, and dignity
  • Iris: royalty, wisdom, faith, valor, and passion (this is traditional symbol of 25th anniversary)
  • Orchids: love, luxury, beauty and strength

Why are Flowers the Best Gifts? 

Flowers are defined as the representation of eternal beauty, love and care. Therefore, any beautiful flower gift can be apt for any event and occasion. Simply, show your emotion either with forever roses Bolton or handmade bouquets or terrariums with a living plant. You can find a large collection of forever roses, flower bears, fresh flowers available at online florist Bolton, Horwich, like Glassy Garden, and get them delivered to your or the recipient’s doorstep.